The DWWP, was brought to life by The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation, based on an original idea by Samuel Rachlin and developed by Troels Askerud and Byron Mildwater.

How it all began

In 2010 when Soldiers began returning home from war with traumatic injuries – The Royal Danish ballet Foundation reached out to offer their support.

2 Ballet dancers began offering their voluntary services, to train these wounded men and women in Pilates, a system created for World War 1 war veterans and used broadly amongst dancers as a form of both rehabilitation and injury prevention. The success of this work grew on both a National and international scale and the ‘Danish Wounded Warriors Project’ was born.

In order to support the work of these dancers, a new society was created to help bridge together these 2 rather opposing worlds.

The ‘Danish Wounded Warriors Polytrauma Pilates Society’ has helped raised over 3 million kroner to help these men and woman return to a meaningful life by minimizing the impact of their physical and/or mental impairments.

In 2014 the work grew to include wounded civilians and a synergy began to form, giving more depth and importance to the work of The Danish Wounded Warriors Project.