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Danish Wounded Warriors Poly-Trauma Pilates Society have created a platform to support people who wish to contribute to the wellbeing of people with multiple traumatic injuries using the Pilates system.

The project directors – former Royal Danish Ballet dancers Jojo Bowman and Jessie Lee – were awarded an honorary medal from the Danish Society of Military Medicine presented by His Royal Highness, Frederik, The Crown Prince of Denmark.

Danish Wounded Warriors

The Danish Wounded Warriors Project was born in 2010 and has since grown to become an International Knowledge and Training centre in the heart of Copenhagen, housing over 30 wounded Veterans and Civilians with multiple traumatic injuries.

Directors Jojo Bowman and Jessie Lee, have been awarded the Medal of the Danish Society for Military Medicine by the Chief of the Defense Health Service, General Erik Darre, for their outstanding achievements and efforts.

The Danish Wounded Warriors Project has been medically endorsed by Copenhagen University Hospital and has gathered research measuring an overall improvement of the DWW participants ‘Quality of Life,’ by 44.95% in the 1st year of training.

On an international front, Jojo and Jessie are Pioneers of the international initiation Heroes in Motion.

The initiative supports the development of an international network of Pilates teachers who offer movement instruction to eligible clients in their community. It serves clients with military and civilian affiliations. Conditions include and are not limited to polytrauma, vestibular disorders, prosthetic limb(s) and traumatic brain injury.

Danish Wounded Warriors